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Finding Flow Coaching

Are you fed up with:

  • Feeling a lack of energy during workouts or in general? Feeling weak during workouts?

  • Feeling like you put a lot of effort into showing up at the gym with nothing to show for it?

  • Not knowing how to eat to achieve your goals?

  • Not being able to keep the weight off?

  • Not feeling your best, with common, but not normal health ailments cropping up?

  • Always dieting?

  • Not knowing how to navigate social events while staying on plan?

  • Feeling like nothing is working?

  • You don't know where to start?

  • Not being able to stick to any plan?

  • Feeling frazzled?

  • Never feeling prepared?

  • Not sleeping well?

Are you looking for:

  • Improved your energy, vitality, and overall well-being, and enjoyment of life more

  • Sustainable, long-term health improvements rather than quick fixes or fad diets.

  • Personalized guidance for your health and longevity goals and ongoing support and accountability to ensure progress.

  • Make realistic positive changes to your lifestyle, including nutrition, stress management, and sleep habits.

  • Habits that reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  • A better way to mange weight and achieve your ideal body.

  • Techniques for managing stress and enhancing your mental health

  • Guidance on making healthier food choices, meal planning, and portion control

  • Identifying and change unhealthy habits, for better long-term adherence for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Motivation and confidence boost in your ability to make positive changes.

  • Valuable knowledge about nutrition and overall health, feeling empowered to make informed decisions.

  • Support to discuss your health and well-being concerns.

  • Increase your lifespan along with your health span for higher quality of life as you age

  • Strategies that adapt to your needs and circumstances as life changes

How we achieve your Health & longevity goals

The common saying "knowledge is power" is a misconception many of us have been led to believe. However, the truth resides in a slight, yet vital, variation: the power of knowledge is realized when it's applied.  That's why our coaches work hard to teach you and guide you through our 4 Seasons Method, ensuring you have that power in your own hands.


During these 2 weeks, we will get to know one another and:

  • Evaluate your current habits, mindset, challenges, and goals

  • Determine where you may need to make adjustments

  • Prepare your mind and body for new changes

This season’s wins:

✔ Craft a roadmap that works for your lifestyle to reach your goals

✔ Gain clarity on how your past decisions, environment, and habits contribute to your current level of health


  • Restore your metabolism

  • Optimize your hormonal health

  • Create a solid foundation to build from

This season’s wins:

✔ More energy

✔ Better digestion

✔ Mindset mastery

✔ Stronger metabolism

✔ Improved relationship with food


  • Avoid self-sabotage with coach accountability
  • Work towards your nutrition goals
  • Learn how to eat the food you love while getting the results you want
This season’s wins:
✔ Start seeing and feeling results
✔ Make serious progress towards achieving your goals
✔ Break through plateaus



  • Feel your very best without gaining back the weight you lost

  • Be able to enjoy vacations, holidays, dinners and more without feeling restricted

This season’s wins:

✔ Eat more food and keep all the results from your hard work

✔ Develop the trust and resilience to maintain and optimize your health and longevity



How we win together 

The Finding Flow App


Monday Weekly Check-in

Every Monday, you'll get feedback and guidance for the week from your coach. Your coach can see how well you're sticking to your plans and will give you a grade every week. This grade is there to make sure you stay on track and can reach your goals and tasks, helping you improve and succeed.


Guides, Journal Prompts, educational videos and much more.

You need more than just being told what to do for your health; you should boost your health and longevity IQ to be able to make informed decisions and maintain good results throughout your life. Our program is thoughtfully designed to respect your busy schedule, offering concise yet highly effective resources for you on your journey towards better health and a longer life.


Unlimited in-app messaging

This is the core foundation of our support system. Whenever you face challenges, encounter a lack of motivation, or have burning questions, you can always rely on your coach. They'll make sure to get back to you within 24 hours to assist you and keep you on the right path.


habit and metric tracking

Both you and your coach will have the ability to monitor and build upon healthy habits and identify areas where improvement is needed, as well as pinpoint and work towards eliminating unhealthy habits. You and your coach will also be able to track your progress in terms of weight, daily step counts, and changes in body measurements.

Clean Modern App Portfolio Mockup Presentation (2).png

Besides the benefits mentioned above, we also provide live video or phone call coaching sessions, access to our Facebook Group and in-app forum for extra support from fellow members. Additionally, you'll receive personalized recommendations for macros, calories, and meal samples. Your coach will create a custom video to explain why each macro is set a certain way and how to use the provided meal samples effectively.

  • How long does it take to get started after signing up?
    After you have reserved your spot our next 1:1 coaching phase begins Sunday January 7th.
  • What if I am new to macros and calories?
    Don't worry, your coach will teach you all about macros and calories as you work together. On the surface, they might seem simple, but when you have to customize them to fit your needs, it can get more complicated. Your coach is here to support you, especially when it comes to your personalized macros, calorie requirements, and meal examples at the beginning of week 3. You'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of your macros and calories, along with guidance on how to make the most of the provided meal samples.
  • What do the coaching calls detail?
    You will have the opportunity to book 1 (20 min) welcome phone call for the first 4 weeks of the program. After the first month, you will then be able to schedule 1 (30 min) phone or video call per month for the remaining months of the program. What to expect: During our calls , we can dive into various topics such as goal setting, overcoming challenges, skill development, or any specific areas you'd like to focus on. This is your time, and your coach's goal is to help you make the most of it.
  • What kind of meal samples will I receive in my custom 3 day meal samples?
    In week 3, you will receive a set of three customized meal samples tailored to your specific calorie and macro goals. These meal samples serve as practical guidelines to assist you in creating meals that align with your prescribed nutritional requirements. Each meal sample will include suggestions for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and a Snack. These samples are designed to offer you clear examples of how to craft your own meals in accordance with your nutritional targets.
  • What if my life is too busy? Will that interfere with working together?
    No need to worry! We've created this program with busy people like you in mind. Each day, you'll receive easily manageable and time-friendly content to help you make progress. On Sundays, you'll get a summary of the week ahead, including an estimate of the time it'll take. Your coach will be there to help and guide you when things get tough.
  • How often do I talk to my coach?
    Live Coaching Sessions: During the first month, our coaches will be very hands-on with you. You'll have a 20-minute 1-on-1 call every week for the first four weeks. This helps you get off to a strong start. After the first month it is 1 (30 minute) call per month for the remaining 2 months In-App Messaging: You can talk to us through in-app messaging as much as you want. Feel free to ask questions, share any unexpected events, request changes, give feedback, or simply have a chat with your coach. Your coach will get back to you within 24 hours. Remember, we're here to help whenever you need us. Recorded Video Messages: We'll send you personalized video messages about specific topics. These videos will help you understand things better, and you can also use them to get more information or clarity on certain subjects as you work with your coach.
  • Is there a minimum commitment?
    Yes - Our 3-month coaching program is personalized, efficient, and effective. We focus on sustainable habits, provide ongoing support, and align with your unique health goals to help you make lasting changes for better health.
  • Who will be my coach?
    Coach Nick is a fitness and nutrition expert with over 15 years of experience. His journey is all about helping people avoid the challenges he faced. Nick developed an autoimmune condition and struggled with food due to trying trendy diets and following the wrong advice. Now, Coach Nick's goal is to use his knowledge and experiences to help others. He wants to guide people in making smart choices for their health. He believes in sustainable, evidence-based methods rather than quick fixes. Through his expertise, he aims to empower people to make informed decisions and avoid the problems he once had.
  • What app does Finding Flow Coaching use?
    We host our coaching services on the Everfit app. We believe it's the best platform for tracking your metrics and habits, offering a user-friendly experience that's optimized for mobile devices. At this time, Everfit is exclusively available as a mobile app for Anroid and IOS, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for our users on the go.
  • What apps integrate with Everfit?
    Everfit launched August 2020, and since then they have been steadily building their features and app integrations. Intergraded apps Apple Health Google Fit Fitbit Garmin MyFitnessPal Cronometer
  • I don't see the answer I am looking for.
    Do you have more questions that we haven't answered yet? Feel free to click the chat button in the bottom right corner and send us a message. We'll do our best to provide you with a response within 24-48 hours. or You can book a call to get more details about both the Foundations Flow & Signature Flow


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Foundations Flow

Our 12-week program is aimed to help individuals establish a strong foundation in health and nutrition. Learn the basics of 4 health pillars: mindset, sleep, nutrition and self care. Activities include: educational videos, guides, journal prompts, tasks, and more.

In our Foundations coaching flow, you'll receive a personalized approach with tailored guidance, one-on-one sessions, ongoing support, and resources to help you reach your goals. 

WHO IT’S FOR: Our Foundations Flow is for busy men and women who are truly dedicated to achieving their health and wellness goals. This flow is ideal for those who are looking for a challenge, seeking to push their limits, and craving sustainable, long-lasting results.

What you receive with your coaching

1-on-1 coaching and accountability
✔ Access to mobile app for habit and metric tracking
✔ 4 (20 min) coaching sessions for the first month then

    1 (30 min) coaching sessions per month
✔ Includes custom calories, macros & meal samples
✔ Guides & resources
✔ Weekly check-ins
✔ Access to Facebook group & in-app forum
✔ Unlimited in-app messaging


(Payed in full 10% off)

Monthly Instalment Option:
$250 for the first month,
$150 per month for the follo
wing two months


Health Flow Formula

No fad diet or exercise program will fundamentally change your physique. Focus on these 9 essential principles to start experiencing visible and tangible results in pursuit of your goals.


✔ Stop the fad diet loop and get sustainable results
✔ Receive the ingredient list for the "secret sauce" to success
✔ Learn the foundations for building your best body yet

Receive your FREE guide and get weekly nutrition tips that have helped many of our clients live well & look good 

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