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Bridging the gap between your healthspan and lifespan


Why we created 
Finding Flow Coaching

Starting on our journey towards health and longevity, we initially followed the common path of crash diets, intense fitness routines, and a complete overhaul of our lifestyle. However, after years of repeating this cycle, we discovered a sustainable approach that doesn't involve drastic crash diets.

We realized that there's a fundamental aspect to health and longevity that often gets overshadowed by flashy marketing promising marginal improvements or, in some cases, causing significant setbacks.

Our Flows cut through the unnecessary fluff and focuses on building a solid foundation of health. The goal is to provide you with more energy than ever before, boost your metabolism, and create the mind and body you desire.

We emphasize self-reliance, helping you resist misleading information and grounded in a strong foundation for lasting health. Join us on your health and longevity journey, and become unshakeable at your core.

how we achieve your health goals

Our Signature Flow is broken down into 3 months.
The ultimate goal is to increase your healthspan so you can live long and live well.






After the 2-week onboarding period, we will get to know one another and:

  • Evaluate your current habits, mindset, challenges, and goals

  • Determine where you may need to make adjustments

  • Prepare your mind and body for new changes

This month's wins:

✔ Craft a roadmap that works for your lifestyle to reach your goals

✔ Gain clarity on how your past decisions, environment, and habits contribute to your current level of health




  • Restore your metabolism

  • Optimize your hormonal health

  • Create a solid foundation to build from

This month's wins:

✔ Start seeing and feeling results


More energy

✔ Better digestion

✔ Mindset mastery

✔ Stronger metabolism

✔ Improved relationship with food








  • Avoid self-sabotage with coach accountability
  • Work towards your health & longevity goals
  • Learn how to eat the food you love while getting the results you want
This month's wins:
✔ Break through plateaus

✔ Eat more food and keep all the results from your hard work

✔ Develop the trust and resilience to maintain and optimize your health and longevity

✔ Create the life you desire and take ownership of your vitality

Signature Flow

Our 14-week 1:1 Coaching Program builds on the foundations of healthspan, focusing on health and nutrition basics. You'll get personalized guidance, coaching calls, ongoing support, and resources. We'll keep you accountable, helping you stay on track to reach your goals.

WHO IT’S FOR: Our Signature Flow is for busy men and women who are truly dedicated to achieving their health and wellness goals. This Flow is ideal for those who are looking for a challenge, seeking to push their limits, wanting a higher level of accountability and craving sustainable, long-lasting results.

What you receive with your 1:1 coaching

1-on-1 coaching and accountability
✔ Access to mobile app for habit and metric tracking

✔ 14-week Foundations E-Course
✔ Weekly coaching calls 

✔ Custom calories, macros
✔ Guides & resources
✔ Unlimited in-app messaging with a coach

Nature Explorer
Good morning, coach. I've done the calculations and am excited to share our results. During our last caliper skinfold test, I was at 15% body fat. This time, I've reached 11%! My goal was to be between 10-12%, and we've achieved it! We really did it!

Scott E

Questions? LEt's Chat.

Often, achieving good health is made more complex than necessary. That's why we offer our members the education, support, and accountability they need for breakthroughs and long-lasting results.

If you have further questions about how our coaching can transform your health, schedule your free strategy call today.

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