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&Longevity coaching

Bridging the gap between your healthspan and lifespan

Get answers to your burning questions.
In a one-time session with a coach, we'll work together to understand your needs, set intentions, and create an action plan tailored for you

What your session includes.

  • 60 minutes of interactive coaching to answer questions, overcome challenges, and make a realistic heathspan plan.

  • Follow up with relevant resources

  • Identify your nxt impactful steps to a happier, healthier you.

Session Cost $50




Healthspan Topics We Cover


Weight Loss

Balancing Hormones
Aging Gracefully
Stress Management

Muscle Building

Weight Management
Body Image

Intuitive Eating
Healthy Eating

How the session Works

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Hear from people like you

Join many others, just like you, who have chosen to seek support and find their flow with Finding Flow  Coaching.

Nature Explorer
Good morning, coach. I've done the calculations and am excited to share our results. During our last caliper skinfold test, I was at 15% body fat. This time, I've reached 11%! My goal was to be between 10-12%, and we've achieved it! We really did it!

Kyle F.

Looking For More Than One Session?

Do you require more than one session? Please submit the form below, and our coaches will be in touch with you to explore how we can better assist you in achieving your health goals.

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